Creating a Pet Social Media Community

I am Alexander Acuna, the person who created and financially funded Fluffygram.


You may wonder, why did I create Fluffygram?
It is because all our institutions are corrupt and overwhelmed by financial greed!


Fluffygram is a community that serves its own membership through the financial support of its members. Cutting out the big financiers who might control the platform and limit your ability to have full access to all of its benefits and functions. Members keep this community afloat by financially supporting the community.


Members will have access to great benefits and services valuable to pets and their owners. By creating a large community of Pet owners, we will have a large buying power base to negotiate on products and services as large Organizations and unions do.


When you financially support this community, your memberships keep Fluffygram operating, growing, paying for expenses. Your support as a FluffyBuddy, allows the platform to serve all of its members, to the fullest extent possible.


Let’s grow this community together and show the power of “We the People”.

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