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Welcome to the Imagine Business Model® (IB Model)

Imagine this…
Take a few moments right now to imagine a social media company that gives back 2/3 of its profit to its members and their respective communities.

Also, imagine that this social media company provides 100% transparency by reporting all activity, including all financial activity, to its members by providing monthly online reporting. Please view the online reports here (Follow The Money)

Imagine a social media company that does not employ a restrictive algorithm that limits exposure of your content to your friends or audience. Now, realize that you don’t need to imagine because this company already exists.

Introducing the Launch of

Powered by the Imagine Business Model® (IB Model) is IB Model’s premier social media platform for pet owners and animal lovers that allows members to showcase their pets. It was launched in 2020 and is now enjoyed by over 7,000 registered users and growing!

Adhering to the 5 pillars of the Imagine Business Model, CommuniPets gives back 2/3 of its profits and provides 100% financial, operational and analytics transparency through the monthly financial reports we share with the members we serve.

Imagine Business Model’s 5 Pillar Structure

Below are the 5 pillars that individuals and organizations can use to build their own concept of the Imagine Business Model® (IB Model).

  1. Any company, group, organization, non-profit, or person can use it.
  2. Financially member supported thru monthly donations or contributions
  3. Monthly online report showing all funding with full Transparency (Follow The Money)
  4. Declare Profit Margin – CommuniPets example 2/3 to Community and 1/3 to OwnerThe community will always maintain a 51% interest.

This new business model provides complete transparency inherently built into its operating structure. We show the public where all the money goes, as we initially reinvest 100% of the revenue generated back into the platform to better serve our subscribers. CommuniPets supports its community by offering comprehensive benefits in the form of shopping, travel, and discount medicine programs. Our business model is designed to resist corruption and financial greed while providing full accountability and transparency to its members. With this model, companies are required to provide monthly reports of how revenue from the platform is being spent and share their analytics. Analytics reporting allows members to see that there are real people following and supporting the company, not click bots that the company paid to boost their followers.

The Inspiration that Birthed the Imagine Business Model

Traditional social media companies rely on serving us lots of advertising and selling our sensitive, personal data to other corporations to pay for their operating expenses and to generate profit. None of their revenue goes back to the members that support their social media platform. Instead, these companies profit immensely from selling our attention and personal data to anyone willing to pay for it, and none of their profits ever trickle back to the community that made these social media platforms successful.

Many non-profits inflate operating expenses and pay unreasonably large salaries to their founders and executives, allocating only a small percentage of total revenue for the actual cause they say they support. There now exist various companies, such as, that collect financial information about non-profits that is readily available as public information through the IRS. These watchdog companies report how much of the money charities collect actually goes to the people or cause they serve. Many charities fall short providing less than 15% of the donated funds towards the actual cause.

Together, Let’s Build the World’s Largest
Community-Owned Pet Social Media Platform!


CommuniPets Benefits and Services

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We are always working to provide the most comprehensive benefits to the members of CommuniPets To easily access these benefits, download the CommuniPets app on your mobile device and view the Heartbeat Benefits section of the app to see our latest cost-saving benefits and services. As the community grows, so does our combined buying power. This will provide CommuniPets members more access to products and services well below retail pricing and create more negotiation leverage for current and future offers.

Forget hopping around from one social media platform to another. Together, we can build a home big enough to fit all pet lovers under one pet-friendly roof, and better leverage our collective buying power as our organization continues to grow.

We Help Local Communities and Animal Shelters

As part of our mission to empower the communities that subscribe to CommuniPets, we sponsor various no-kill animal shelters as the recipients of a portion of the 2/3 of the funds generated by CommuniPets after expenses. In addition, these animal shelters will also enjoy funding generated by the use of CommuniPets’ discount pet and human Medication coupon, shopping, travel and other benefits. For example, when a CommuniPets member uses their discount Medication coupon, $1.00 for each applicable medication purchased will be paid to CommuniPets and the communities they represent.

Perhaps the best aspect of this program is the fact that we provide all members with 100% transparency by sharing how much money we collect, how much it is used for expenses and how much is paid out to the communities we serve.

Raising Funds to Help Families Affected by Autism

Note from owner: The Imagine Business Model is deep to my Heart, having a daughter with Autism and a wife with MS. I truly understand the heartbreak these conditions can cause families !

We are currently developing the next social media platform powered by the Imagine Business Model. The same concept applies—95% of the revenue generated after expenses is paid out to the members of the platform and the communities they represent. As with CommuniPets, our Autism social platform will also provide 100% financial, operational and analytics transparency to all of its members. Did you know that Autism Speaks, currently the largest autism charity in the world, designated only 1% of the $59,731,829 in contributions they collected in 2018 towards “family services”, while a number of their executives earned salaries and other compensation in excess of $600,000. You can see this on their 2018 tax return posted on the Autism Speaks website.

Why give away your charitable dollars to sham organizations that squander your charity on expenses and high salaries? Now is the time to switch from the subjective inclinations of large, wasteful charities, and the financial predation of these company giants.

We can become the architects, with each member having the control to build their own communities, with full access to their community to network, fundraise and/or sell. Enjoy a whole new paradigm that invites its online community into partnership with the creators.

Welcome to the Imagine Business Model and CommuniPets.

Together, let’s change the world!

Alexander Acuna

Alexander Acuna

Creator - Founder & CEO

Together, Let’s Build the World’s Largest

Community-Owned Pet Social Media Platform!

You can contact Mr. Acuna to schedule shows on Imagine Business Model
for your organization, podcast or social media.

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